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softkat® Sales Assistant

  - Professional sales information system

Our softkat® Sales Assistant is a professional sales information system that promptly provides the latest information on products, delivery periods, and inventory to your sales staff in the office and in the field. The softkat® Sales Assistant allows your field staff to answer customers' questions on your products range exhaustively and to give prospective buyers detailed advice.

Using their smartphones and notebooks, your sales personnel can access sales-relevant information right where they are at the given moment. Unpublished data, for example technical data sheets, is available as well. Any corrections and amendments are entered by your employees directly from their respective location.

The benefits of the softkat® Sales Assistant include the clearly structured presentation of product-specific data, illustrations, and prices, as well as an intelligent search function. The intuitive GUI makes it easy to select the appropriate product data for indication - whether on site at the customer's, at the trade fair, or at the machine.


Basic functions
  • Clearly structured indication of product-specific texts, data, illustrations, and prices
  • Intelligent Search Functions
  • Uncomplicated ordering process
  • Prompt, up-to-date, and straightforward
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